AI art applications

AI art applications

Evelyn Boettcher will speak about how the QR art generators and QR codes work. It is an excellent example of how generative AI works. She discussed generative AI, QR codes and what tools are available to make your own QR code.

David Best will speak about his learning journey in using generative AI (via Stable Diffusion to create card art for a game he invented: Herman Scribble).

Ed Dunn, Creative Director of 3Dayton, spoke about his process of building a historical 3D version of downtown Dayton: "3Dayton...Navigate History". He wants to allow users to navigate virtually via period-appropriate means (foot, horse, carriage, canal boat, railway, auto); view pop up details (year built, owners, tenants, etc); toggle to current street view for comparison; and experience an elevated perspective view via airborne vehicle (balloon, airplane).

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