AI art revisited

AI art revisited

Wow what a difference a year makes! The world of AI has expanded so much. Last year AI generated art was just taking off. This year it has improved so much. This meetup will be part of GemCity Holiday party and we will compare the difference between this year and last.

Zero Sum Games (but one real winner!)
December's Machine Learning Group will be loosely based on GANs. GANs (generative adversarial networks) are a class of machine learning frameworks where neural networks (NN) compete in a zero sum game.

In this spirit, I am having a competition of AI generated Dayton Themed Art.

Break down:
Generative Model: Your choice
Discriminator Model: Your Peers
Training set: Your rich knowledge of Dayton
Output: Dayton Themed GAN's / AI generated Art
Prizes: Bragging rights! and choice of a frame-able print or T-shirt of the BEST Dayton themed art.

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