ML for stock prediction and ML Startup

ML for stock prediction and ML Startup

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Two Speakers this month.

ML Stock Prediction
Description: 'In this note, we provide foundational tools for analyzing and predicting data from S&P500. '

So you want to create a ML Startup, by Evelyn Boettcher:
This will be two parts: Aug (focus on a topic) and Sept: (Min viable product, continue to discuss, e.g. hash it out). Gem City Tech's meetups are in the Innovation Hub, home of Start UP Week, Flyer Pitch and the Entrepreneur Center.

So, what does it take to start a ML Startup? Who needs to be on your team? What ideas do you think are viable? How much start up money does one need? In the August meetup, we will brain storm some idea for a ML startup and in September, focus on if that idea is viable. Worst case we spend two hours eating pizza and drinking refreshments. Best cast, we put Dayton on the map.

Future Topic ideas:

  • MLFlow: Brief overview what it is and why you should switch.
  • Multi Arm Bandit: Why and how you should be using this to design your experiments.
  • Data: Your algorithm is only as good as your data. DVA promises to help you keep track of any changes you made and when to your data. Does it live up to the hype? Is it really git for your data?
  • Training Techniques: Have you start using the classroom technique. What training techniques do you utilize.

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