New Year, New Starts: No/Low Code ML Tutorial

New Year, New Starts: No/Low Code ML Tutorial

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No / Low Code ML Tutorial

Evelyn J. Boettcher will go through a Google Women Techmakers educational tutorial on how to make an image classifier application with No/Low Code.

This tutorial is designed to encourage kids to go into Computer Science by gently introducing them to AI and Machine learning. No Coding or ML experience needed.

Please bring a laptop. The goal of this tutorial is to walk you through the ML/AI concepts and build your own application that can recognize hand gestures, cat etc from a web camera.

The Gem City Machine Learning (ML) group is part of the GemCity TECH family of user communities in Dayton OH.

We are going to explore:

  • How to use AI to build an image classify with NO Coding skills
  • How to build a MLOps application with very little coding skills.

Attending will build their own application

To get the most out of this meet up please bring a computer.

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