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Evelyn Boettcher

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GemCity TECH’s mission is to grow the local industry and the community by providing a centralized destination for technical training, workshops and providing a forum for collaborating.

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Evelyn Boettcher

The Dayton Region’s Hub for new venture creation, social innovation, and entrepreneurship education.


Technology First

Technology First

Creating a community to share knowledge, grow business and build for the future.


Evelyn Boettcher

Evelyn J. Boettcher


Physicist with a range of skills that enabling quick mastery of any project ranging from data processing and analysis (messy data) to sensor system development. Strong passion for developing prototypes, learning new skill and sharing her knowledge. Currently leads a Machine Learning Community group and supports an IC mission to integrate ML/AI to automate workflows.

Over 20 years of experience supporting USAF, US Army, DoD/IC, Universities, and Industries. 14 years of experience with Passive Sensor Imagery and 15 years of
experience with algorithm development, implementation and integration.

She currently leads a Machine Learning Community group and is a Women Techmakers Ambassador. She has also received patents for electro-optical devices (# 6,738,536 #; 6,944,372). Lastly, she enjoys supporting STEM activities for youth and is building a MagNav STEM IoT activity.

Wesley Giles

Wesley Giles

Wesley Giles is a seasoned Senior Data Analyst with a diverse background in software development, spanning over three years. Proficient in various technologies such as Python, Pandas, SQL, and Django, Wesley has demonstrated his expertise in roles across industries. He has managed large databases, developed interactive dashboards, and mentored instructors, showcasing his commitment to both technical excellence and teaching. Wesley's educational journey includes a Nanodegree in Machine Learning DevOps Engineering and coding bootcamp certifications, reflecting his dedication to continuous learning. Passionate about contributing to the community, he is involved in projects like Autism Armory, a Generative AI app designed to help offload some of the mental burden of life for neurodivergent users.

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